Professor Dr. Mohammad Izazul Hoque

Principal Voice

General: Comilla Medical College is a Government Medical College which administered by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Principal is the Executive head of the college. He communicates and implements all the regulations of the administrative authorities. Academic Council Academic Council is the highest body of the college. Principal, Comilla Medical College is the Chairman and Director, Comilla Medical College Hospital is Ex-Officio-Member of the Academic Council. The Head of Departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Community Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics and all other full Professors, two senior-most Associate Professors, two senior-most Assistant Professors and two nominated representatives of students union are the members of the Council. This body monitors and maintains control of the campus in order to ensure a smooth progress of the academic activities. It also refers the disciplinary matters to the Disciplinary Committee to take actions against those who violate any rule or regulation of the college. Disciplinary Committee Chaired by the Principal the committee consists of the Director of Cumilla Medical College Hospital and all full Professors of the college to deal with all Disciplinary matters referred by the Academic Council. Quality Assurance Body (QAB) This is one of the active bodies aimed at controlling the quality of teaching to produce quality doctors of the community. It tries to ensure a coordinated effort between the teachers and the students of the college. Regular seminars and workshop are arranged to promote its activities. There is one subject coordinator in each subject who prepares the study program in respective subject. There are three phase co-coordinators who co-ordinates the programs of different departments of the same phase. As a result of these activities, the academic calendar runs smoothly. An Academic coordinator organizes and co-ordinates all the activities of the whole body. Vice Principal of the College is the Chairman of QAB. Medical Education Unit (MEU) The teachers of the college can enjoy the facilities of the Medical Education Unit. Seminars and work are arranged regularly which enable them to exchange views with the colleagues of other disciplines. They can also use the media production facility equipped with computers, slide maker etc, The internet access facilities are also available to an intending browser. The teachers are much benefited from the activities of the unit by learning new teaching and assessment methods. It is run by a Committee. The seminar hall and the medical skill room situated also in the college building to aid in teaching in a more effective way. Hostel Committee Comprising of One Hostel Super, Five Assistant Hostel Super, two Office Assistant .